Pukas Surfboards by Axel Lorentz

Pukas DARK by Axel Lorentz

Pukas DARK

Pukas Tasty Treat by Axel Lorentz

Pukas Tasty Treat

Pukas 69er Step Down by Axel Lorentz

Pukas 69er Step Down

Pukas La Loca by Axel Lorentz

Pukas La Loca

PukasDARK by Axel Lorentz


Pukas La Loca by Axel Lorentz

Pukas La Loca INN·CA

Pukas 69er Step Down by Axel Lorentz

Pukas 69er Step Down INN·CA

Pukas La Loca by Axel Lorentz

Pukas La Loca INN·CA

Pukas Original Sixtyniner by Axel Lorentz

Pukas Original Sixtyniner

Pukas Tasty by Axel Lorentz

Pukas Tasty

Pukas Crystal Curtain by Axel Lorentz

Pukas Crystal Curtain

Pukas Plan B by Axel Lorentz

Pukas Plan B

Axel Lorentz fully been committing his shapes and knowledge to Pukas since 2012. The French garçon shapes each blank with the creativity of a youngster, but has been in the business for over 20 years. He arrived up at Pukas after dealing by himself in the surfboard market since 1997, the year he opened a factory at the Basque French territory, the area he calls home.

Every now and then Axel travels to California and shapes in Bali, but he spends most of his time at the Pukas factory in the Basque Country, Spain.

Axel is constantly shaping. He has taken our Big Wave Program to the next level (Natxo Gonzalez and Grant Twig Baker ride on our boards in the Big Wave Tour). He has also developed a high-perfor- mance quiver including his DARK design has been runner up at Stab in the Dark #SITD18. Most of all, he is constantly perfecting successful models, creating new ones and shaping custom dream boards.

Words by Matt Biolos:


“Axel is a friend, and long time partner of ours in Europe. He has been quietly working at Pukas for decades. He has never been one to attract attention to himself, but can shape anything, anytime, for anyone. Short fat fish, Massive Guns and HP Shortboards, as evidenced by the result in the latest Stab… In The Dark.”

Words by Bod Mctavish:


“Always respect from me to a REAL shaper!”

Words by Twiggy Baker:


To see these guys finish so well in the Stab in the Dark was no surprise to me, all it means is the rest of the world now knows the secret that is Pukas x Axel.”

“I have been working with Pukas x Axel for about 5 years now and the
expertise he has brought to my TWIG brand has been amazing. Not just with my big wave boards but in my StepUp barrel board category as well. When I arrive in Europe and collect my Pukas
x Axel quiver each season I know I’m getting the best quality and highest level of craftsmanship.

Words by Kepa Acero:


“I’ve been working with Axel for many years and he has made me many boards of all kinds: thrusters, twins, single fins, guns … he is such a versatile shaper. He is a shaper that I can always count on for the right board. I have a lot of confidence in him because he has intuition. He is an artist and at the same time he knows how to listen, which is a great quality in a shaper.”

Words by Natxo Gonzalez:


Axel is the best shaper i ́ve ever had! Been working with him since I was and now I ́m on the big wave world tour.

When I tell him what I need on my next board he always nods head yes, it seems that he is not listening to me al all. And
I am often left in dout as to whether or not he has listened to me.Until I see the board finished and it ́s always better than expected!

You can tell that it ́s a guy who loves his job.”

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