Pukas Surf Shaper Peter Daniels

Peter Daniels

The revolution lives “in house” for at least 7 to 8 months a year. Peter Daniels could easily be a Tasmanian Devil due to his energy and attitude, but he is a Southafrican Devil, a unique specie that arose with him and that will be extinguished with him. This John Wayne of the shaping room keeps adding experience, quality and good taste to Pukas since 1993. When he arrived to the Basque Country he already was a living legend, as he had shaped and traveled the world with his best mate Jeff Hakman “Mr. Sunset” (Peter keeps on shaping boards for him). In 1976, Peter Daniels was featured in the cover of “SURFER” as he was an outstanding surfer.

When Peter arrived to the factory he was working for the best surfers (Martin Potter, Tom Curren…) and was starting with some unknown youngsters (Kelly Slater, Sunny Garcia…). Ever since, his beautiful shapes have been under the best feets in the business: Adriano de Souza, Tiago Pires, Eneko Acero, Aritz Aranburu, or less known surfers in Europe (but not worse) like SouthAfricans Frankie Oberholzer, Royden Bryson, he even shaped for Jordy Smith (he was one of the first to borrow a Fang). Japanese champion Zuccho has been a loyal rider of his too; Peter goes to Japan at least once every year.

Back in the days, Peter developed the SL Bonzer bottom with Kelly Slater, a very peculiar bottom used for our best seller “Pukas LaLola”, and it’s due to the shaper-surfer-shaper relationship that Peter has with Zucco that came up with the “Pukas Fang”, an all time best seller at Pukas. Kepa Acero is as well a surfer he loves to talk about shapes to. Kepa’s free surfing and take-it-easy approach suits the averge surfer’s point of view on surfing and Peter is able to transform the essence to shapes (“Pukas Milady”, “Pukas Amigo”…).

Peter’s designs are characterized by harmonious and elegant lines. Not surprisingly his biggest inspiration is the feminine curves (hence his shaping room has some similarities to a car repair workshop by the posters hanging on the walls). Peter’s quote; besides having harmony and balance at every curve, a shape/surfboard has to be sexy. With this premise surfboards with the latest trends, higher-volumes and generous outlines, still remain subtle, refined and hypersesitive.

Pukas Surf Shaper Peter Daniels makes the Surfer Mag cover in the 70s

Pukas Surf Shaper Peter Daniels and his shaping room

Pukas Surf Surfboard Milady shaped by Peter Daniels

Pukas Surf Surfboard Milady shaped by Peter Daniels

Pukas Surf Surfboard LaLola shaped by Peter Daniels

Pukas Surf Surfboard Test Pilot 2013 Amigo shaped by Peter Daniels

Pukas Surf Surfboard Test Pilot 2013 LaLola shaped by Peter Daniels

Pukas Test Pilot 2013

This year’s Pukas Test Pilot 2013 features two of Peter’s designs; The Pukas Amigo and the Pukas LaLola, a board that had so much success at last year’s Test Pilot that the crowd just pushed us to include it once again.

Pukas Amigo // Click here

Pukas LaLola // Click here

Pukas Surf Shaper Peter Daniels' shaping room

Pukas Surf Shaper Peter Daniels

Pukas Surf Shaper Peter Daniels

Kelly Slater on a Peter Daniels' shape

Kelly on a Peter


Peter Daniels is a surf contest fanatic and admirer of high-performance surfing.

His duties put him to work with the very best surfers in the world during his career, and this pictures are hanging on the wall of the Pukas factory. Kelly Slater, Sunny Garcia, Tom Curren… a Surfing Mag’s poster featuring Sunny hosts the best quote ever “To Peter, thanks for this board it made me lots of money! Sunny.”

The list goes on and on, from Japanese surfers to basque frothers, from Southafrican pros to Hawaiian hot shots.

Peter is in a constant tour that takes him every year to places he call home; Japan, Brazil, South Africa and the Basque Country where he spends most of the time with us.

Tom Curren on a Peter Daniels' shape

Tom Curren on a Peter

Sunny Garcia on a Peter Daniels' shape

Sunny on a Peter