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Pukas Surf Shaper Axel Lorentz Shaping at Olatu

Pukas Surf Shaper Axel Lorentz Shaping at Olatu

Axel Lorentz

“The French connection”. A Peter Pan syndrome makes this garçon shape foams with a creativeness of a youngster. He ended up at Pukas after dealing by himself in the surfboard market since 1.997, the year he opened a factory at the basque-french territory, the area he calls home.

Axel Lorentz fully commits his shapes and knowledge to Pukas since 2012. Every now and then Axel travels to California or shapes batches in Bali, but he spends most of his time at the factory in the Basque Country.

 Axel is constantly improving his skills. He has taken our Big Wave Program to the next level, talks to Kepa Acero about lines and experiences, has developed a high-performance quiver and besides all that; he is constantly perfecting successful models such as the Pukas Original Sixtyniner.  Its Pro version, the super fun and very well tested El Loco… Axel is a professional committed to his work and his Pukas quiver is here to prove it.



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Pukas Surf Axel Lorentz Shaping tools

Axel Lorentz honored Ben Aipa at San Diego’s “Icons of Foam”