Pukas Surf y Gabriel Medina anuncian separación amistosa

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Gabriel Medina y Pukas Surf anuncian su amistosa separación tras 6 años de exitosa relación


By common consent, Pukas Surf and Gabriel have ended their 6 year relationship in which they have become surfing’s 2014 ASP World Champs.

Everyone at Pukas thanks Gabriel and his family for their priceless contribution on both a personal and professional level. For decades Pukas has thrilled with high-performance surfing and found in Gabriel the perfect partner to enjoy surfing until climax.

“I want to express my deepest gratitude to Pukas Surf. They have supported me since the beginning of my career” said Gabriel. “They have encouraged me during good times and bad times, and granted the structure needed to achieve my biggest dream; The World Championship.”

Gabriel Medina is the first Brazilian to ever claim the World Title and the second youngest in the history of surfing. He has trusted on the quality of Pukas Surfboards made in the Basque Country, Spain, since he was 14. Surfboards that are handcrafted one at a time by a team of experts that will now miss the talent and feedback of such an incredible surfer.

Gabriel Medina will now join hawaian Sunny Garcia as the second surfer to ever win the World Championship with Pukas Surfboards. Sunny Garcia was part of the Pukas team for over 20 years and achieved the ASP World Championship in 2000.

Pukas will now continue to expand his influence in the surf community with boards of all kinds, from big rhino-chasers to high-performance boards with an amazing club of shapers, team riders, ambassadors and workers that simply love surfing too much. With the same passion and drive as in 1973, the year it all started.

Johnny Cabianca (BRA), who has been shaping most of the boards for Gabriel, has been part of the Pukas Shaping Program for over 15 years. Johnny decided to leave Europe and start his own factory in Brasil, where he is originally from, starting January 2015. He will now continue manufacturing surfboards for Gabriel on a 100% brasilian project of his own. Pukas Surf wishes Johnny success in his future endeavours.

Pukas Surf Gabriel Medina 2014 ASP World Champ
Mission completed. Gabriel Medina and Pukas Surf split after claiming the biggest honor in surfing, the 2014 ASP World Championship.



Gabriel Medina
Inspiration… back in 2010!!

Gabriel Medina
First WCT win. “Esse título é nosso!” he said


Pukas Surf Gabriel Medina 2014 ASP World Champ Celebration Tee

Pukas Surf Gabriel Medina 2014 ASP World Champ Celebration Tee 02

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