PUKAS Surf Eye Symmetry



PUKAS x EYE SYMMETRY Collaboration

PUKAS Surf Eye Symmetry

Max has been travelling to the Basque Country of Spain since 2016, shaping and producing start to finish small batches of high quality boards. In order to help meet demand in 2018 we are pleased to announce a unique, three board collaboration quiver exclusive to the PUKAS catalog.

The three models basically cover most wave types from small summer conditions to clean running waves and finally more powerful Atlantic swells common to Autumn and Winter in the Basque Country. The boards embody Eye Symmetry philosophies with a high quality epoxy lamination and finish, fine detailing and a splash of striking pastel colours.

PUKAS Surf Eye Symmetry

PUKAS Wombi Fish by Eye Symmetry

PUKAS Dako Roo by Eye Symmetry

PUKAS Bud by Eye Symmetry

PUKAS Surf Eye Symmetry


Founded by Max Stewart in Sydney, Australia, Eye Symmetry is a creative surfboard design and manufacturing company that came into existence driven by an undeniably strong urge to create a high quality, performance oriented yet also visually striking product.

Each Eye Symmetry board is meticulously handmade start to finish at our custom epoxy manufacturing facility using the highest quality materials available. With an unwavering desire to reach perfection combined with a strong sense of functionality, the individual is left with an exclusive surfboard that creates a more elevated and electric experience in and out of the water.

PUKAS Surf Eye Symmetry

PUKAS Surf Eye Symmetry

PE construction = Polyurethane Foam + Epoxy Resin

All the Pukas x Eye Symmetry surfboards are built on a traditional polyurethane core with a complete epoxy laminate and finish (known as PE construction).

“We are thinking more long term by creating a more durable product”, says Max.

The epoxy resin is known to be a higher quality material than polyester. Is more UV resistant, stronger and has more reactive flex pattern. The result is a whiter and brighter surfboard that doesn’t yellow as quickly as a traditional polyester construction (aesthetics) which responds faster to your movements (performance).

“The carbon stripes are quite a visual thing that I love” says Max. “We are honoring a traditional surfboard building process but we are adding some minor reinforcement and visuals. It’s basically a bit more love put into the construction of the board to make it last longer for the surfer”.

1. The Wombi Fish

The Wombi Fish is a fast, responsive small wave board suited for clean, low energy waves.

After having very successful results with our dedicated quad model, The Cali Quad, in both Europe and the rest of the world I felt the strong need to provide a similar, user friendly quad design in the PUKAS range. Find out more here.

2. The Dako Roo

The Dako Roo is one such model designed for most regular, average conditions.

Initially inspired to create boards with wider tails and flatter rockers working closely with Hector Santamaria for the past few years it became clearly apparent that these attributes in Surfboards are essential for the everyday waves we so often encounter… Find out more here.

3. The Bud

The Bud is a fast, somewhat sensitive board, which excels in clean hollow waves. A step-up board which is easy to paddle and travel with.

Designed by Tom Carroll and myself, The Bud was first created as a model for Tom to ride at Kelly Slater’s wave pool and is the shorter, wider version of ‘The Leaf’. Find out more here.

Pukas Surf x Eye Symmetry