Laminating a Pukas x Eye Symmetry by Max Stewart

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All the Pukas x Eye Symmetry surfboards are built on a traditional polyurethane core with a complete epoxy laminate and finish (known as PE construction).

“We are thinking more long term by creating a more durable product”, says Max.

The epoxy resin is known to be a higher quality material than polyester. Is more UV resistant, stronger and has more reactive flex pattern. The result is a whiter and brighter surfboard that doesn’t yellow as quickly as a traditional polyester construction (aesthetics) which responds faster to your movements (performance).

“The carbon stripes are quite a visual thing that I love” says Max. “We are honoring a traditional surfboard building process but we are adding some minor reinforcement and visuals. It’s basically a bit more love put into the construction of the board to make it last longer for the surfer”.

Photography by Carles Medina

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