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Pukas / Ar-Mario

This is a pretty special surfboard you could ride. The Pukas Ar-Mario is shaped by Mikel Agote and came out of the box by the insistence of our most shameless rider Mario Azurza ( He wanted to have something different for summer and he got it.

Mikel Agote knew how to add character to this new shape with a deck that is totally flat; and when we say flat, we mean it. Mikel is able to hold the same thickness in the middle of the board all the way to the boxy rails; so don’t be surprised if you find thickness measures well under 2.

The way Mikel holds the thickness all over the board provides the surfboard with great flotation. A very wide nose and flat rocker helps getting into the waves no matter how weak or small they are. The Ar-Mario was designed with a quad setup to keep the board loose but still hold volume in the tail. It’s super fast and fun. A different touch to our Pukas quiver.


Fins  //  Quad (MB). Combo if requested.

Tail  //  Swallow or Diamond

Waves  //  Small Conditions

Surfer Level  //  All kinds of freaks

Pukas Surf Surfboards ArMario shaped by Mikel Agote

Pukas Surf Surfboards ArMario shaped by Mikel Agote

Pukas Surf Surfboards ArMario shaped by Mikel Agote

Pukas Surf Surfboards ArMario shaped by Mikel Agote

Length Width Thickness Litres
5’3” 19 1 3/4 21,3
5’5” 19 1/2 1 7/8 24,06
5’7” 20 1 7/8 25,52
5’9” 20 1/2 2 28,64
5’10” 20 1/2 2 1/8 30,73
5’11” 20 3/4 2 3/16 32,43
6’0” 20 3/4 2 3/16 32,91
6’1” 21 2 1/4 34,69
6’2” 21 1/4 2 5/16 36,55
6’4” 21 1/2 2 3/8 38,99
6’6” 21 1/2 2 7/16 42,92

Pukas Surf Surfboards ArMario testing by Mario in San Sebastian

Pukas Surf Surfboards ArMario and Mario Azurza

A bit more

Pukas Surf Shaper Mikel Agote

Pukas Shaper
Mikel Agote

Shaper from our homeland (Orio, Basque Country), born and raised in the Cantabrian Sea. He entered the factory (year 2.002) to overlook the preshapes for some of the best shapers in the world that worked at Olatu (the Pukas factory). Right place, right time, right company; Pum! By 2.005 he owned his own shaping room… Read more.

Pukas Surf Surfboards Foamball shaped by Mikel Agote

Thinking of serious stuff?

Well if surfing shitty waves with a Pukas Ar-Mario is not you thing because you are a barrel-hunter, go grab one of these; The Pukas Foamball shaped by Mikel Agote, check it out.

Pukas Surf Shaper Mikel Agote

Mikel’s balls are bigger than yours

Did you know that Mikel, besides shaping, playing the guitar and spending lots of time with his daughter, is a big wave maniac, Ibon’s tow partner and an incredible big wave rider? Now you know.