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Pukas / DFK

The DFK (Da Freak Kid) is a surfboard for the likes of Gabriel Medina. The name came out from Martin Potter, former World Champ, as he was webcasting the World King of The Groms in Hossegor, France. As Martin Potter was calling Gabriel by the nickname “The Freak Kid” (Gabriel scored two 10s in the final), the young brazilian was writing history by winning the World KOTG, and solidifying his status with a win at the ISA World Juniors. The DFK was born during that period; compared to the prototype, it was a board with deeper concaves, some extra volume at key points and a touch on the fin placements.

The DFK, with its thin nose and tail, has been the winner pick for Gabriel’s technical surfing. Not having in consideration the type of foam in use and other varieties, having a thinner tail makes it more sensitive and Gabriel and the surfers getting to feel this characteristic use it for their benefit.

Its single concaves crosses the board from nose to tail, with a slow water entry at the beginning until the lower-half of the board, were the concave gets deeper. The concave gives the board a catamaran-like effect that will work for surfing displayed with speed. So either for the good/technical surfer who doesn’t let the board die when the wave doesn’t help or for the mid-skilled surfer scoring on a stronger wave that provides the speed needed, the DFK will perform.

Gabriel has been able to maximize his surfing potential to the maximum. If you are looking to the get the best out of your surfing skills, give this board a try. Now.


Fins  //  Tri fin.

Tail  //  Squash, swallow or round.

Waves  //  The better the wave, the best it will work.

Surfer Level  //  Advanced to expert.

Pukas Surf Gabriel Medina testing the DFK in Zarautz
Pukas Surf Gabriel Medina DFK and GSpot quiver in Zarautz
Pukas Surf DFK quiver shaped by Johnny Cabianca

Length Width Thickness Litres
5’8′ 17 1/2 2 1/8 19,75
5’10” 18 1/4 2 3/16 21,79
6’0” 18 1/2 2 1/4 23,33
6’2” 18 3/4 2 3/8 25,06
6’4” 19 2 1/2 27,98

Pukas Surf Gabriel Medina DFK Test in Zarautz

Pukas Surf Gabriel Medina DFK at the Quik Pro France

Pukas Surf Gabriel Medina DFK

Pukas Surf Gabriel Medina DFK

Pukas Surf Surfboards DFK Shaped by Johnny Cabianca

Pukas Surf Surfboards DFK Shaped by Johnny Cabianca

Pukas Surf Surfboards DFK Shaped by Johnny Cabianca

Pukas Surf Surfboards DFK Shaped by Johnny Cabianca

A bit more

This is how we celebrated
Gabriel’s qualification for the WT

Having Gabriel qualifying for the WT on Pukas Surfboards was a major milestone for us. And because he did it with a brilliant performance mostly on his Pukas DFK, this is a short clip to help us remember how sweet it felt.

The beginning of an era
The “perfect 20” heat

This is the contest that put Gabriel on the map. He was surfing the King Of The Groms with a prototype of a Pukas DKF in Hossegor. Little did he know that his performance shocked the world and that his perfect 20 heat total in the final has just launched him to stardom.

The Medina Collection

Pukas Surf Shaper by Johnny Cabianca

Johnny Cabianca

Johnny is guilty for this collection. Considered one of the best shaper in the field, this collection has pushed Gabriel to new boundaries and has made the rest of us (average and amateurs surfers), surf a bit better.

Pukas Surf Surfboards MEGA Shaped by Johnny Cabianca

Pukas MEGA

At 17 years of age Gabriel won his first WT event on his rookie year, beating Taylor Knox, Kelly Slater and Julian Wilson, just to name a few. Pukas was there with him and his family.

Pukas Surf Surfboards GSpot Shaped by Johnny Cabianca


The latest acquisition to the Medina Collection. This board proudly stands between the DFK (better surfer and waves) and the The GAME (worse waves). It’s the perfect board for the amateur surfer.

Pukas Surf Surfboards GAME Shaped by Johnny Cabianca

Pukas GAME

The Pukas Game might be the easiest board from the Medina Collection range. Gabriel owed the crowd at the ASP San Miguel Zarautz Pro WQS with a backside Kerrupt Flip. A perfect demonstration of how good this board goes when shitty waves are on offer.