Foamball Step Up

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Pukas Foamball Step Up by Mikel Agote

Pukas Foamball Step Up top

Pukas Surf Surfboards Foamball Step Upshaped by Mikel Agote

Pukas Foamball Step Up rocker

Pukas Surf Surfboards Foamball Step Up shaped by Mikel Agote

Pukas Foamball Step Up bottom

This design is for big and powerful waves. It has a user friendly curve for easy entry into the wave, and to gain some time before the critical drop. Generous outline lets you ride this board shorter than usual.

This combined with a further up fin placement and closer to the rail for the quads. Gives this model unusual manoeuvrability for these conditions. Mikel is marking a new trend with this design amongst many other designs resulting from his work with some of the best big wave riders on the planet.


Fins  //  Combo

Tail  //  Round Pin & Squash

Waves  //  Your beach break sucks? this is your board.

Size Chart

Length Width Thickness Litres
6’3” 18 11/16 2 5/8 30,62
6’6” 19 2 5/8 33,68
6’8” 19 3/4 2 7/8 37,00
6’10” 20 2 7/8 40,65
7’0” 20 1/2 3 44,40

Pukas Surf Surfboards Foamball Step Up Mundaka

Pukas Surf Surfboards Mikel Agote Foamball Shape

Pukas Surfboards Mikel Agote Foamball Family

A bit more

Pukas Surf Shaper Mikel Agote

Pukas Shaper, Mikel Agote

Shaper from our homeland (Orio, Basque Country), born and raised in the Cantabrian Sea. He entered the factory (year 2002) to overlook the preshapes for some of the best shapers in the world that worked at Olatu (the Pukas factory). Right place, right time, right company; Pum! By 2005 he owned his own shaping room… Read more.

Pukas Surf Surfboards Foamball shaped by Mikel Agote

Pukas Foamball

If you are not ready to ride those big guys, go and grab one of this Pukas Foamball shaped by Mikel Agote, check them out.

Pukas Surf Surfboards Twig Big Wave Program

Big Wave Program

Pukas Surfboards and Grant “Twiggy” Baker have joined forces to tackle the biggest waves in Europe for the upcoming years…, read more.