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Pukas / LEDs by Indo

This is a limited edition by Pukas and adventurer psycho Indo, with just a handful of boards in the world with their leds blinking at this stage. Mixing a bit of tech on boards is fun and we have done it for the sake of it. But with social media going nuts on these products, TVs and radios incluided, we have been producing some new ones every now and then ever since.

You have to know that if you ever have the luck to surf on one of these, you will be surrounded by fishes in a blink of an eye. That been said, think twice wether you give it a try or not in places like South Africa, or West Oz… you know what we are talking about. Truth is, this board has been surfed in 5 different countries of 3 different continents with a 100% of success: Spain, Portugal, France, Morocco and Brazil.

Improvements on the tech side of the board are always been made. Latest surfboards have been lighter, remote controls are great and yes, you charge it as if it was a phone; plug it and done!


Listen to Indo himself

This guy is a freak. Has done races similar to the Paris-Dakar, crossed Asia in vans, crossed Africa in motorcycles… is one of those guys that could change the world with a hammer and a screwdriver.

First attempt. Tiago and Joan.

Former Pukas team riders Tiago Pires and Joan Duru were some of the few lucky testers of the Pukas LED project in the early beginnings. They chose to surf them in Portugal and this is the clip.

A bit more

Naum Ildefonse / Nike

Naum Ildefonse, former Pukas team rider, gave the board a try on this NIKE commercial of his own.


Pukas Night Tag Team

The tag-team is, probably, the greatest competition format of all time. We gave a handful of pros and good friends 4 Pukas LEDs boards for that matter, and a fifth Pukas longboard with LEDs as the buoy they had to reach.


Pukas Solido.

Shaped by Mikel Agote and developed by Aritz Aranburu. Read more…