Pukas Acid Plan

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Pukas Acid Plan by Axel Lorentz





Pukas ACID PLAN by Axel Lorentz


We bring you a whole new buddy for high performance. This is how we can rapidly describe our new high performance design that encompasses years and year of experience designing twin-fin and high performance surfboards.

Pukas’ Head of Shape Designs, Axel Lorentz, has brought up as a result something alternative to the high performance twin fin arena: the new Acid Plan. 

It was Hawaiians Mason and Coco Ho who legitimized this alternative twin-fin design in Mexico, while filming for The Electric Surfboard Acid Test by Stab. Since then, this board has won its rightful place as a favorite in our team’s quiver. 

A solid ground has been stablished for a new chapter at Pukas: The Acid Plan.

Having high performance in mind, this shape here stands between the twin-fin and the thruster, bringing the best out of the two worlds.

If you are thinking about the fins, we recommend this as a 2+1, but if you want to go bullocks with it, custom order the Acid Plan with channels.