Pukas Mayflower

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Pukas Mayflower by Axel Lorentz

Pukas MAYFLOWER by Axel Lorentz



Axel has really distilled all of the best elements of the Involvement Era into a late-’60s-inspired Swiss Army Knife—a wide-point back, voluptuous outline; thin, refined, foiled but forgiving rails; blended natural rocker and nose concave. An ultra-maneuverable everyday longboard for anything under six-foot—points, beachies, summer windslop, it’ll feel great in anything. 

With a Flex Fin Template Single Fin  (9.5”-10.75”, dependent on your weight class) or a similar style flex fin, the Mayflower will feel alive under your feet from tip to tail, and will surprise you noseriding tight in the pocket and at full speed. Think driving, powerful turns, easy redirection, and a thoroughly balanced progressive single-fin. 

Wondering about the name Mayflower?

The Mayflower was the vessel that brought the first so-called Pilgrims from Plymouth (UK) to the East Coast of North America (USA). 

 It also happens that the D-Day for the shape of this specific log, Axel Lorentz, and Ashton Goggans, approved the final design for it. 

We went out to celebrate at one of the most iconic restaurants in Getaria: the Mayflower. A place where you eat heavenly and you are treated like a king. 

This was totally a sign. 

A “log” that brought people across the ocean and our log should have something in common. 

So that was it. We decided to make an homage to this special place for us and our log was born: Mayflower.

Bold little beauty,

Bedecked with thee,

Nature forswears

Antiquity.“Mayflower,” By Emily Dickinson