Pukas Twin Friend

Pukas Twin Friend by Axel Lorentz

Pukas Twin Friend top

Pukas Twin Friend bottom

Pukas Twin Friend’s Size Chart

Length Width Thickness Litres
5’2” 20.00 2.25 25.92 l.
5’4” 20.25 2.31 27.80 l.
5’6” 20.50 2.38 29.93 l.
5’8” 20.75 2.43 31.87 l.
5’10” 21.00 2.50 34.15 l.
6’0″ 21.25 2.56 36.58 l.
6’2” 21.50 2.63 38.86 l.
6’4” 21.75 2.75 41.53 l.
6’4” 21.75 2.75 41.53 l.

Twin Friend’s Info

Gave a modern twist to that classic twin fin inspiration,

A High performance bottom : from nose to tail, vee to concave to double concave to vee double out the tail

This make the board fast and more reactive but that transition accelerate the rail curve in the tail for tighter arcs and snaps. Combined with foiled rails and thinner tail for more control and better hold in hollower conditions

Not only a small wave cruiser but a board that works in a wide variety of waves.


Axel Lorentz working on a Twin Friend.





Twin Friend made for Pukas x Edmmond Studios collaboration.

Pukas x Edmmond Studios.


Pukas x Edmmond Studios.


Pukas Twin Friend.


Pukas Twin Friend.