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How it all started

Aritz came up with the idea to Mikel Agote. Aritz had been in the major swells from Teahupo to Mainland Mexico and had seen the very best surfers tow-in strapless into some meaty beasts. Aritz wanted to have one of those boards for his own and after several attempts, Aritz and Mikel nailed it.

In Aritz’s words, it’s super light and responsive, digs the rails as he wants it and goes ultra fast down the line. So far so good. Anytime he is about to tackle some big pits, Aritz will take this one with him if a jet-ski is there to assist him.

Pukas Surf Aritz Aranburu Mikel Agote

1st attempt / Mundaka

Not the hollowest conditions, not pristine sandy holes; but Mundaka had a little something to offer. Good enough for Aritz to have a feeling on it; He said the board is perfect, just as he wanted.

2nd attempt / Hossegor

Check out this clip. Aritz paddles into some shallow shorebreaks on his Pukas Foamball and then he chargers a few with his Pukas Strapless toy.