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Pukas / The Game

This is the kind of board you want to be riding when it’s small, plus it’s really responsive and fun when it gets up to over head conditions. The first ever “The GAME” was tested by Gabriel Medina in Portugal, in a beachbreak close to Ericeira. His feedback was simple: “the board flies”. Waves were small and slow, tipycal beachbrak conditions and Gabriel loved it. Check out the video.

Designed and shaped by Pukas’ official shaper Johnny Cabianca, “The GAME” is meant to be your favourite beachy board, in which its flatter rocker, wider rocker and the extra volume are the features that stand out the most. It also features a classic single to double concave with a V ending, resulting on a fast board that is super easy to turn and perform on it. Better to use it with medium to small fins, and when ordering one for yourself downsize it 4 inches from your average shortboard and ask it with aprox. 15% extra volume (measured in litres).

The ASP 6-star San Miguel Pro Zarautz made “The GAME” worldwide famous thanks to Gabriel Medina who blasted his way to a huge win on this board, specially in the semifinal against Thiago Camarao, a heat touted as the best of the ASP 2011 Series and Prime events by many judges. Thiago put Gabriel in a combination situation but the talented goofy-footer, in need of two waves, withouth priority and 7 minutes to go, did a massive Method Air (9.30 points) only to paddle back out and get another wave, at first sight a low scoring potential right, where Gabriel did the first ever legit Backside Kerrupt Air in a ASP competition (9.57 points). He accomplished it in one minute and a half, ended up winning the contest, securing a spot for the second half of the ASP 2011 World Tour and he made it on the Pukas “The GAME”.


Fins  //  Tri fin

Tail  //  Squash, swallow or round

Waves  //  Your beach break sucks? this is your board.

Surfer Level  //  Average to expert depending on the size of the board


5’4” 18 1/2 1 7/8 20,00
5’6” 18 3/4 2 22,26
5’8” 18 7/8 2 1/8 24,49
5’9” 19 2 1/8 24,93
5’10” 19 1/4 2 3/16 26,35
5’11” 19 1/2 2 3/16 27,09
6’0” 19 3/4 2 1/4 28,57
6’2” 20 2 5/16 30,56
6’4” 20 1/2 2 3/8 33,04

Pukas Test Pilot 2013

Good news is, the Pukas GAME shaped by Johnny Cabianca is officially included at the 2013 Pukas Test Pilot program for the second year in a row. That means that if you happen to be at one of the shops that run the program, you can give it a try.

Pukas Surf Surfboards Test Pilot Program 2013 The GAME shaped by Johnny Cabianca


A bit more

A longer version of the clip showing Gabriel + Johnny + The Game

The relationship between a surfer and a shaper is crucial for the success of any given surfboard. This one time, it was shaper Johnny Cabianca and a crew from Pukas that traveled to Portugal and tested the Pukas The Game with Gabriel. It was a success, and that’s how the Pukas Game shaped by Johnny Cabianca came to life.

Pukas The Game
San Miguel Pro Zarautz

Gabriel put the Pukas Game into test at the Zarautz San Miguel Pro 2011, a contest he ended up winning. You will obviously not pull a backside kerrupt flip as he did (check out 3m.41s. mark), but he showed the world that for poor beachbreak conditions, this board is a winner.

Pukas + Gabriel

Did you know that Gabriel Medina started surfing with Pukas Surfboards when he was just 14 years old? When he first flew to Europe he came by to the factory because Johnny Cabianca was a family friend of theirs. Those first handful of boards were all magic; the rest is story.

The Medina Collection

Pukas Surf Shaper Johnny Cabianca

Johnny Cabianca

Johnny is guilty for this collection. Considered one of the best shaper in the field, this collection has pushed Gabriel to new boundaries and has made the rest of us (average and amateurs surfers), surf a bit better.

Pukas Surf Surfboards DFK shaped by Johnny Cabianca

Pukas DFK

It was 2009 and Gabriel was still an unknown brazilian grom. He was already surfing on his Pukas DFK shaped by Johnny Cabianca when he signed a career changing performance.

Pukas Surf Surfboards GSpot shaped by Johnny Cabianca


The latest acquisition to the Medina Collection. This board proudly stands between the DFK (better surfer and waves) and the The GAME (worse waves). It’s the perfect board for the amateur surfer.

Pukas Surf Surfboards MEGA shaped by Johnny Cabianca

Pukas MEGA

At 17 years of age Gabriel won his first WT event on his rookie year, beating Taylor Knox, Kelly Slater and Julian Wilson, just to name a few. Pukas was there with him and his family.