Two months since the fire

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We would like to announce the total return to normality in terms of surfboard production: customer orders, commitment to quality and delivering boards within the allotted time frame. Both our team riders and customers are currently receiving their boards regularly. On June 19, 2017 at around 5 pm, the Pukas surfboard factory, Olatu, had a […]

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Southafrican DVG is back. Order a big-wave gun NOW!

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Dave Van Ginkel is back! Order a big wave gun now… IF YOU DARE. Dave Van Ginkel, renowned southafrican for his big-wave-rhino-chaser shapes is with us for another year in a row. Place your orders at info@olatusurf.com His shapes are too good. You like them for fifteen footers? Twenty footers? Thirty footers maybe? order your […]

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VIDEO | The Factory | Olatu

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  The guys at “The Feelms” (www.thefeelms.com) share a passion with us: surfing. Located in Madrid where lack of waves is a certainty, they asked if digging deep in our surfboard factory was a possibility. “Just for the fun” they said, and this is the outcome. A longer clip than usual, its 9 minutes show […]

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