Axi Muniain

Pukas Surf Axi Muniain custom 10'8 Gun by Johnny Cabianca

Pukas Surf Axi Muniain chats with Mikel Agore at Olatu

A bit more

XXL Wipeout Nominee

If you play with fire you usually end up burnt. In this occasion, Axi got a nomination for his XXL wipeout during the historic session held in Nazaré, Portugal.

Axi was there. Nazaré January 2013

Axi Muniain is a usual suspect when waves are triple over-head or bigger. This day at Nazaré, Portugal, was a huge day for the big wave comune and he was there to witness it.

Pukas Surf Axi Muniain Gun loving


Axi is known for his big wave approach and for his commitment to surf the biggest wave on earth. At Pukas, we really think he will one day surf a beast like no other. And because he likes either paddle into those mammoths or tow-in, we got him covered with guns of all kinds.