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He is from Maresias, Brazil. It’s admirable what this kid does with his talent. He surf soo good, he is so innovative, his talent is so raw and wild that we definitley don’t know what is coming next. Judo Airs, Kerrupt Flips, phenomenal forehand hack-to-finslide followed by critical closeout manouvers, ISA World Junior Title, King Of the Groms World Title, two ASP WT wins on his rookie year, all of those are being achieved on Pukas surfboards.

Gabriel has been surfing with Pukas Surfboards since he first came to Europe when he was just a 14. His connection with the Pukas master shaper Johnny Cabianca and the finishing process of his boards at the Pukas factory are done with a passionate group of workers that trip out when Gabriel beats Kelly, wins a major contest or posts an Instagram where he is followed by more than 100K.

His commitment to the brand, surfing, the shaper Johnny Cabianca and the will to cover all kinds of conditions made us develop a collection of boards that feature 4 jewels: The Pukas GAME, the Pukas DFK, the Pukas MEGA, and the Pukas G-SPOT, all of them hand-shaped by Johnny Cabianca.



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Pukas Surf Gabriel Medina Lomokino

Pukas Surf Gabriel Medina Lomokino

Pukas Surf Gabriel Medina GSpot Zarautz

Pukas Surf Gabriel Medina GSpot DFK Zarautz Quiver

Pukas Surf Gabriel Medina GSpot Zarautz

Pukas Surf Gabriel Medina GSpot Zarautz

Pukas Surf Gabriel Medina GSpot Seignosse

Pukas Surf Gabriel Medina GSpot Zarautz

Pukas Surf Gabriel Medina GSpot Zarautz

Pukas Surf Gabriel Medina GSpot Zarautz Quiver Kifli

Pukas Surf Gabriel Medina GSpot Zarautz by Victor Gonzalez

A bit more


A longer version of the clip showing Gabriel + Johnny + The Game

The relationship between a surfer and a shaper is crucial for the success of any given surfboard. This one time, it was shaper Johnny Cabianca and a crew from Pukas that traveled to Portugal and tested the Pukas The Game with Gabriel. It was a success, and that’s how the Pukas Game shaped by Johnny Cabianca came to life.

Pukas Surf Gabriel Medina Johnny Cabianca Zarautz

Gabriel Medina
Johnny Cabianca

This duo have made quite an impact in the surfing world. One has brought to the world state of the art surfboards and the other has brought a surfing performance on those boards that put him as a legit contender to win the World Championship.


Gabriel / Inspiration

Did you know that Gabriel Medina started surfing with Pukas Surfboards when he was just 14 years old? When he first flew to Europe he came by to the factory because Johnny Cabianca was a family friend of theirs. Those first handful of boards were all magic; the rest is story.


Milestone / WT qualification

When Gabriel qualified for the WT it was a big milestone on a career that has seem him succeed over and over. But this moment needed a celebration, and so we uploaded this clip to Vimeo.


Milestone / First WT win

At 17 years of age Gabriel won his first WT event on his rookie year, beating Taylor Knox, Kelly Slater and Julian Wilson, just to name a few. Pukas was there with him and his family.


20 points out of 20

It was 2009 and Gabriel was still an unknown brazilian grom. He was already surfing on his Pukas DFK shaped by Johnny Cabianca when he signed a career changing performance.


One of many 10 point rides

Gabriel has been probably awarded with more 10s than any other kid his age in our sport. This is the 10 he scored on the Pukas Mega against Taylor Knox in the Quik Pro France