Ibon Amatriain

Pukas Surf Ibon Amatriain Playa Gris XXL Big Wave Finalist

Setting the pace for big wave surfing and beyond

He will deny it if asked, but Ibon Amatriain has been considered as the best big wave rider in Europe for a couple of decades. His approach has been unimpeachable; humble and charger, this combination has made Ibon an admired underground surfer.

He is also known by the nickname of “Sensei”, a Japanese word which means “teacher” in martial arts. Pioneering Playa Gris with arm-power, stretching, yoga, his humility, good surfing and approach to life has indirectly made him a teacher of newer generations; Axi Muniain, Aritz Aranburu and a handful of big wave surfers from his hometown Zarautz have found in Ibon the inspiration for a better approach to life.

Pukas Surf Ibon Amatriain is a living legend