Iker Amatriain

Rider Info

Iker Amatriain is the older of three brothers that happen to live in front of the beach (Zarautz, Basque Country), whose dad is Ibon Amatriain (a living surf legend) and a mum that also surfs and skates.

Chances are solid to have him leading a pack of brothers with innate skills for surfing and skating.



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Back when he was 12

Back when he was 11

Back when he was 10

Pukas Surf Iker Amatriain tow-at with Gabriel Medina Zarautz

Pukas Surf Iker Amatriain with younger brother Adur Zarautz

Pukas Surf from left to right Adur Amatriain Iker Amatriain Gabriel Medina Zarautz