The Mad Mix

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The MAD MIX is an agro evolution of the successful THE MIX. Based on it, Mikel Agote wanted to give the MAD MIX a newer look, make it more versatile, super playful on the small to medium surf, and let the surfer turn without hesitation. If you are not that good of a surfer this surfboard will fit you. And if you are a good surfer, this tool will make you have more fun when conditions don’t help.

Mikel has added deeper concaves. The bump in the outline helps narrowing the tail and lets you do tighter turns. But the benefits of the MAD MIX are even bigger; The paddle strength is improved tremendously, the amount of foam gathered in the upper half of the board gives you extra buoyancy, and the best part is that the lower half it’s shaped for turns.

The overall feedback of the surfboard is fantastic and when ordering, have in mind you should ask it 2 to 3 inches shorter.

Tail: Square
OtherSizes: 4´10” to 6´6”
Bottom: Deep double concave
Type: A-3



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