Two months since the fire

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We would like to announce the total return to normality in terms of surfboard production: customer orders, commitment to quality and delivering boards within the allotted time frame. Both our team riders and customers are currently receiving their boards regularly.

On June 19, 2017 at around 5 pm, the Pukas surfboard factory, Olatu, had a spark creating a massive fire. The official reports have confirmed that it was an accidental fire of electrical origin by which our beloved factory was completely burned. Thanks to the effectiveness of the alarm systems and the immediate evacuation of the people who were working, we can celebrate today that there were no injuries.

We would like to thank the firefighters of Gipuzkoa (Diputación de Guipúzcoa) for their efforts to restrain the flames for hours until extinguishing them completely. Fortunately they managed to control the fire and minimize the impact on neighboring companies. This fire emergency easily qualifies as one of the toughest fires these brave Basque men and women have had to fight.

From Pukas, we also want to sincerely thank each and every one of you for the kind gestures of affection received. Our clients, industry partners, friends, institutions and surfers from all over the world have been very supportive since that fateful late June afternoon.

The rebuilding of our factory is a priority. It will be in the same location and our team will work day and night until the goal of constructing one of the finest surfboard facilities that Europe has ever seen. Until that day arrives our shapers, glassers, sanding machines and the rest of the factory team are working hard in nearby facilities. We are all focusing now more than ever on the quality of the boards that we build for our clients.

For further information you can go to our retailers and the Pukas Surf Shop shops or send an email to us at

Thank you very much,

The Pukas team.

PD. These are the Pukas models that are being ordered the most:
PUKAS LA LOCA by Axel Lorentz. More info here.
PUKAS SIXTININER STEP DOWN by Axel Lorentz. More info here
PUKAS THE LINK by Matt Biolos. More info here
PUKAS THE LINK HP by Matt Biolos. More info here

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