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The Pukas Link HP by Matt Biolos

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Words by Matt Biolos (USA)

A more souped up version of the LINK, the LINK HP (High Performance).

I based it off the idea of riding 2” longer than a typical LINK. So if you ride a 5’8” LINK… You would ride a 5’10” LINK HP.

To do this, I reduced the width by 1/2” and then made changes to the outline and nose rocker.
I left the tail outline and tail rocker the same.

The thickness should be ridden the same as well. The nose outline is pulled in to that of a very conservative performance short board nose. Not a pro level WCT nose, but some thing more like the Baby Buggy nose… a wide HP Short- board nose.

I then added nose rocker, so that the front 2” continue to lift, and the nose rocker sets inside the cradle of the original curve. This will make it so changing back and forth between the LINK and the LINK HP should be smooth and effort- less.

The volumes are very similar, if ridden 2” lon- ger.

I added a bit more double concave to the tail, because when the overall width is drawn in 1/2’, the tail is a bit more narrow as well. The added double concave should give more lift and add some surface area. It will aslo lend a bit more drive and give the board more of a running feel, for slightly bigger waves than the rst LINK.

Once again, designed to be ridden 2” longer, and 1/2” narrower (with the same thickness) than the original LINK, in stock dims.

The Pukas Link HP by Matt Biolos

The Pukas Link HP by Matt Biolos

The Pukas Link HP by Matt Biolos

The Pukas Link HP by Matt Biolos

#CarbonWrap Technology // What is it?

CARBON WRAP™ Is a patented surfboard technology, structurally engineered for optimum flex and performance. Originally created by Gold Coast surfboard manufacturer, Dan MacDonald, to be light weight without sacrificing strength and provide #nextlevel performance.

Carbon Wrap eliminates the standard wooden stringer, alters traditional flex principles and re-envisions the way a surfboard’s flex patterns are created and controlled. Ultra-light, EPS cores are “wrapped” in an exoskeleton of strategically positioned, carbon fiber bands. Aligned together at the nose, they gradually curve outward towards the rails. The curve creates and controls a unique torsional flex that livens up as it nears the tail, just in front of the fins.

The carbon then “wraps” from the bottom, around the rails and onto the deck. This unique method creates Carbon Wrap’s lively flex that loads and releases…resulting in nextlevel speed and drive. Running along the rails, on the deck, the carbon acts as a rear foot power point, (increasing drive and control) and a patch to minimize pressure denting.

Using optically brightened epoxy resin, the boards are encased with a proprietary composite of fiberglass and our exclusive carbon deck inlay, which is strategically positioned to add fast re-flex memory under the surfer’s stance and allow subtle, natural deck caving around the arch of the front foot. By tapering the carbon into long, pointed ends, forward and aft, the flex blends out naturally towards the nose and tail.

A full layer of 45degree “X-Glass”, encases the deck. The X-Glass’s flat, bi-axel weave dramatically adds strength without rigidity, or excess weight and allows the board to maintain flex while alleviating crease points created by standard, 90degree fiberglass. The 45degree weave radiates foot pressure outward, directly connecting the foot to a longer section of the rail, adding greater edge control.

CARBON WRAP TECHNOLOGY: Lightweight, without sacrificing strength. Increases drive and provides and unique and lightning fast re-flex effect, propelling your surfing into the #nextlevel of performance. For more videos and info, visit the CarbonWrap Website.

Pukas x Matt Biolos // The Link HP Size Chart


Length Width Thickness Litres
5’6” 18.25 2.25 24,25
5’7” 18.50 2.29 25.61
5’8” 18.63 2.33 26.50
5’9” 18.75 2.35 27.31
5’10” 19 2.38 28.50
5’11” 19.25 2.44 30.00
6’0” 19.50 2.50 31.50
6’1” 19.75 2.56 33.11
6’2” 20 2.63 35.01
6’3” 20.25 2.63 36.01
6’4” 20.50 2.75 38.74

Pukas x Matt Biolos // The Link HP DOMESTIC Size Chart


Length Width Thickness Litres
5’5” 18.50 2.25 24,74
5’6” 18.75 2.32 26,00
5’7” 18.88 2.32 26.55
5’8” 19 2.38 27.76
5’9” 19.25 2.38 28.53
5’10” 19.50 2.50 30.75
5’11” 19.75 2.50 31.65
6’0” 20 2.63 34.00
6’1” 20.25 2.63 34.99
6’2” 20.50 2.75 37.50
6’3” 20.75 2.75 38.56
6’4” 21 2.88 41.50

The Pukas Link HP by Matt Biolos

Pukas Surf Matt Biolos Mayhem The Link

Pukas Surf Matt Biolos Mayhem The Link

Pukas Surf Matt Biolos Mayhem The Link