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Taz Yassin, is our own little earthquake. Taz is a young driven, impatient and determined workhorse. Born in The Canary Islands, he is the youngest full time professional shaper in the industry to date.

By age 12 he shaped his first board, by age 15 he was working as a production back-shaper for factories around the world, and by age 16 he was already being invited to compete in shaping events alongside legends such as Pat Rawson, John Pyzel, Reno Abellira, etc…

In Taz’s reasonably short time as a shaper, he has worked with illustrious shapers such as Maurice Cole, Peter Daniels, Tim Patterson, and others… Taz has basically grown up in surfboard factories.

Teamed up with Pukas, Taz has matured and is more determined than ever to leave his mark on the surfing world, already accomplishing some great work with top ranked surfers.

Pukas Surf Surfboard TAz Shaping Room

Pukas Surf Shaper Taz

Pukas Surf Shaper Taz
Pukas Surf Shaper Taz
Pukas Surf Shaper Taz