Pukas Darker

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Pukas Darker by Axel Lorentz

Pukas DARKER by Axel Lorentz

HIGH PERFORMANCE | Enriching Pukas high-performance hierarchy.

The Pukas Darker by Axel Lorentz carries the legitimacy of being a design validated by Dane Reynolds in the Stab In The Dark All Stars Edition.

This surfboard sits on top of the “high-performance” hierarchy at Pukas. It’s a novel extension of the Pukas Dark (runner up at SITD IV) that Axel Lorentz shaped for the crowd that was intimidated with the narrower outline in the upper nose-side of the board.

Some experienced surfers missed having a wider area up front, where most of their turns connect and some of their airs land.

Don’t be surprised to see that the heights and volumes of the Dark and the Darker are practically the same. It’s in the distribution of the shape that the concept changes.