Pukas Tasty Treat All Round

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Pukas Tasty Treat All Round by Axel Lorentz

Pukas TASTY TREAT ALL ROUND by Axel Lorentz


The Tasty Treat All Round is the updated version of the Pukas Best Seller Tasty Treat. Word of mouth has been very strong and the positive feedback from all our surfers is the result of two years of refinements.

 Stab in The Dark was the final deal. The famous blind surfboard test consolidated the Tasty Treat All Round in the past two editions. 

Taj Burrow (AUS) and Jack Robinson (AUS) chose this surfboard as one of the three best shapes in the world. 

Axel Lorentz has refined all the key features that makes the Tasty Treat All Round your new high performance surfboard: More volume, moved to the center of the board, located just under the chest for buoyancy and paddle power. Rails are lower to suit modern surfing. Nose and tail rocker are thinner and more accentuated. The overall rocker is still moderated to suit all kind of wave conditions. All these characteristics make this surfboard an easy to turn and fast one.

Check the dimension chart. We have added wider size options, including HP dims for experts and Standard dims for all kind of surfers.