Pukas Surfboards and a quiver of love

Pukas Surfboards

Pukas Surfboards are designed to stand up to the demands of high-performance surfers, yet our shapes are enjoyed by surfers of all profiles. Knowledge from great shapers and better surfers come together at Olatu, the Pukas Factory (Basque Country, north Spain) home to people who surf, love the sport and has deep respect to the art of surfing and shaping. Each of our surfboards are custom made and tell the story of heritage and quality, becoming much more than just a company’s product. We have claimed World Titles, traveled the world and got our asses barrelled to bring you all that experience in one good product, a product full of innovative ideas and manufactured with love.

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What else besides Pukas?

Pukas Surfboards PKS Polykarbonate Surfboards

PKS Surfboards
Polykarbonate Surfboards//

The “traditional” fiber glass and polyester resin combo is replaced by polycarbonate, a particular group of thermoplastic polymers.
Polycarbonate is a durable and strong material, as well as being lightweight and longer-lasting; results in a hardly breakable surfboard.
Polycarbonate’s impact absorbing properties results in a less harmful impact on surfers.
Matching a light and hardly breakable surfboard with a better shock absorption than traditional epoxy-sandwich-construction surfboards makes it ideal for surf schools, rental and surf camps.

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Pukas Surfboards Indio Jeronimo

Indio Jeronimo
Just a passing glance on shapes of other kind//

During the 70’s co-founders of the brand Iñigo Letamendia, Marian Azpiroz and Miguel Azpiroz were involved in other makes and shapes.
“Tablas Santa Marina”, “Jeronimo Surfboards” and “Geronimo Surfboards” were all the prelude of the brand we all know by the name of Pukas.
A tight group of people in the factory of Pukas, Olatu, felt we were missing to create tools that had the aura of the 70’s, where any kind of shape, resin work or tint would be uniquely handcrafted and loved. And because we thought the brand and project behind Pukas is pretty well focused in high-performance sufing, we rescued the logo of Jeronimo, gave it a twist and came up with Indio Jeronimo Surfboards. Enjoy it!

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Kream Surfboards by Taz Yassin

Kream Surfboards
Shaped by Taz Yassin//

Heard of Kream Surfboards before? probably not. It is the proving ground for the raw talent. Kream Surfboards is where the best work from the newest shapers rises to the top and creates views and brand awareness.
This project has been running under the radar for years, manufactured in the same workspace as Pukas, where unknown shapers can gain much needed experience and earn their right to worldwide recognition.
With Taz Yassin now in the team, Kream ads a new rising-star of shaping to a project that has seen grow artists such as Axel Lorentz and Mikel Agote, just to name a few.

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