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This is the model that helped Gabriel reach the Superstar status. Designed for strong waves (either small or big), Gabriel has won on the Pukas MEGA the Junior and the 6 Star Lacanau Pro, the WT Quik Pro France and the WT Rip Curl Search in San Francisco, taking down a few big names like Kelly, Julian, Parko, T.Knox, Wilco in his way, just to name a few.



Shaper J. Cabianca shows us his technical zapping ability and knowledge with the MEGA. This board is developed for power surfing in all kind of conditions. Key for the success of the MEGA is the design in the bottom half of the board, which features a deeper rocker in the rail and less rocker in the stringer, combined with a different fin placement (closer together and more splay). All these technical stuff means that the board pívots and turns easily at high speed. The faster the board, the better it works; being that you are a good surfer of that the conditions are on. A slightly bigger fin is recommended.



Gabriel surfed the Quik Pro France and the Rip Curl Search San Francisco on 5’11” x 18 ½ x 2 ¼ with almost 25 litres. Check out our size-charts to get you in the loop of sizes and volumes, and compare it to other models or the board you ride. For your information, Gabriel loves riding the MEGA with the swallow tail, even though you can order it in up to 3 different tails.


Tail: Squash, swallow or round

Other sizes: 5’6 to 6’6

Bottom: Deep Single concave to deep double concave.

In this video, we capture those first feelings after his win at the WT Quik Pro France. Gabriel thanks Pukas for the support and help on the boards as the media follows all his moves.

You can check out the highlights of the Quik Pro France and trip out not just with Gabriel’s surf on his MEGA, but on Julian’s performance and the rest of the crew. This was Gabriel’s biggest achievement ever. But, little did he know that, a month after, he would win another WT in San Francisco (2 wins out of 4 WT events, being only 17 years old).

And if you still feel like watching some more action, here you have Gabriel’s final against Joel Parkinson on November 2.011, en route to his second ever WT win.

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