Pseudo Mix

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This is the third acquisition to the Mix Series shaped by Mikel Agote. Just as the Mix or the Mad Mix, the Pseudo-Mix shocks with its design too. Weird at first sight, the Pseudo-Mix is the most functional surfboard yet.

Its greatest feature is how Mikel Agote mixes lots of volume with a thin rail. The concept supporting the shape is simple: lets give that extra volume needed adding high performance rails. By doing so, you are able to surf a shorter surfboard, paddle with ease, and obviously feel sensitivity and grip when turning.

It features a double concave bottom with a V ending. It suits beach breaks from one to 5 feet.

Check out how much volume a 5’6 has, it goes up to 24,58 litres. Check out the size/volume charts to pick up the model that suits you best.





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