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Pukas / Pseudo Mix

This is the third acquisition to the Mix Series shaped by Mikel Agote. Just as the Mix or the Mad Mix, the Pseudo-Mix shocks with its design too. Weird at first sight, the Pseudo-Mix is the most functional surfboard yet.

Its greatest feature is how Mikel Agote mixes lots of volume with a thin rail. The concept supporting the shape is simple: lets give that extra volume needed adding high performance rails. By doing so, you are able to surf a shorter surfboard, paddle with ease, and obviously feel sensitivity and grip when turning.

It features a double concave bottom with a V ending. It suits beach breaks from one to 5 feet.

Check out how much volume a 5’6 has, it goes up to 24,58 litres. Check out the size/volume charts to pick up the model that suits you best.


Fins  //  Tri fin

Tail  //  Squash

Waves  //  Poor to average

Surfer Level  //  For those who still need volume in a board but want to surf sharper

Pukas Surf Surfboards Pseudo Mix shaped by Mikel Agote


Length Width Thickness Litres
5’6” 18 1/2 2 1/8 24,38
5’8” 18 3/4 2 3/16 26,21
5’10” 19 2 1/3 28,88
6’0” 19 3/8 2 3/8 31,09
6’2” 19 9/16 2 1/2 33,09
6’4” 20 2 5/8 36,27
6’6” 20 5/8 2 5/8 39,57

Pukas Surf Surfboards Pseudo Mix shaped by Mikel Agote

A bit more

Pukas Surf Shaper Mikel Agote

Pukas Shaper
Mikel Agote

Shaper from our homeland (Orio, Basque Country), born and raised in the Cantabrian Sea. He entered the factory (year 2.002) to overlook the preshapes for some of the best shapers in the world that worked at Olatu (the Pukas factory). Right place, right time, right company; Pum! By 2.005 he owned his own shaping room… Read more.

Pukas Surf Surfboards Foamball shaped by Mikel Agote

Thinking of serious stuff?

If you feel like going a step further up and you are already thinking of barrels 24/7, go grab one of these. The Pukas Foamball shaped by Mikel Agote and designed by Aritz Aranburu (top athlete in the game when it comes to barrel time) is here for you. Check it out.

Pukas Surf Shaper Mikel Agote

Mikel’s balls are bigger than yours

Did you know that Mikel, besides shaping, playing the guitar and spending lots of time with his daughter, is a big wave maniac, Ibon’s tow partner and an incredible big wave rider? Now you know.