Eneko Acero

Pukas Surf Eneko Acero Pukas Pro 1997 Zarautz


This picture was taken during one of the Pukas Pro contest held in Zarautz in the 90’s. Little did he know that his solo-attempt on the WQS at that point would open the eyes of groms such as Aritz Aranburu or Hodei Collazo, becoming one of the most important and influential surfers of Spain and Europe. At that time it was just him on a worldwide tour with surfers from all over the place but his hometown/country. Still today, Eneko is surfing in a daily basis, manages a team of an international brand and of course proudly holds the surname Acero, a surfing family you might heard of from him, his older brother Iker Acero or the charismatic Kepa Acero.



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