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Kepa Acero is like wine; the older he gets, the better. Stuck in contests jerseys for years, Kepa finally decided not to follow the path of other pros on cracking the ASP Top 34. And that’s exactly when we saw Kepa at his purest. Raw. Entering surf-related projects that only he was able to envision.

His “5 Waves, 5 Continents” lit a light deep inside Kepa that had him traveling the World in the search of rich inner experiences. He has been awarded as “Adventurer of the Year”, sailed on a boat to the remote Antarctic, got lost in Africa, Indonesia and beyond, and we are pretty sure that you have seen a few of his epic videos.

Kepa Acero has been loyal to every new Pukas design shaped by Peter Daniels and has become Peter’s favorite tester. The Pukas Lalola, Pukas Amigo and Pukas Milady are all in Kepa’s quiver and much of their designs have a touch of his flavor.



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Pukas Surf Kepa Acero

Pukas Surf Kepa Acero Sare Manex Olatu Quiver Foam

Pukas Surf Kepa Acero

Pukas Surf Kepa Acero

Pukas Surf Kepa Acero Quiver Olatu

Pukas Surf Kepa Acero Milady

Pukas Surf Kepa Acero Milady

Pukas Surf Kepa Acero chats with DVG at Olatu

Pukas Surf Kepa Acero Olatu quiver

A bit more

Kepa Acero + Pukas LaLola shaped by Peter

Kepa Acero
Peter Daniels

These two are friends. And that’s why they have kept busy talking about surfboards, trips, lines, curves and life.
Peter admires Kepa and he has been an inspiration for lots of designs and shapes. From the Pukas LaLola to the Pukas Milady, this friendship have benefit surfers all over the world.

Kepa Acero
More than surfing

Kepa Acero has appetite not only for surfing. His passion for music, art and people of all kinds is obvious.
He usually uses his surfboards as a clean canvas for artist to draw. In this occasion was Pukas’ in-house designer Marcos (@angula) hand-drawing a board for Kepa’s Expo.